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evilbydesign's Journal

the profile & journal layouts
NAME: Blackheart.
-Special Skills; CONFIDENTIAL.
PSYCHOLOGIST: Dr. Andrew Bittermen.

PHOTO: Here & here.

MENTAL: Normally when someone is defined as evil you always question if the one describing is exaggerating. This is most certainly not the case when it comes to Blackheart who was created from nothing but. Born from a collection of sin and hate within the single town of Christ's Crown, New York, you could not describe such a character without adding in a severe mentioning of iniquity. Self-centered, self-righteous and selfish to a fault, Blackheart feels that all of what he does is justified by the pure and solid fact that he is more than just someone to wield undying trepidation upon others, but a god in his own right and a god worthy as the heir to the throne of Hell. He is ruthless in his actions and will stop at nothing but defeat to succeed. Ambitious and cunning, he relies heavily on his forms of manipulation to sway people to his side and is known to skew the truth often. His word cannot be trusted a second nor a first time around and he will always attempt to stick his foot into any business that does or does not concern him, as long as it helps him in the long run. A source of ego, Blackheart is a stubborn character that is hard to move in another way beside his own. Sarcastic, rude and flat-out ugly to those he does not deem worthy, he is nothing less than merciless when it comes to knocking down others mentally and physically. Of course there is more fault to his character besides his innate intentions of be essentially a prick to humanity, he holds many a jealous bone amongst his dark persona. A little bit of a perfectionist, Blackheart aims for perfection and aims to please himself, but as well as prove himself worthy to those he deems worthy himself. His father, though a hot and cold relationship, is someone he loathes nearly as much as the mortal race. A man of great power, he is sour and disgusted by the way his father chooses others above himself in the name of excellence and supremacy.

Easily irritable he always finds himself being cut down at the last moment, just when all seems well. Aiming to gain the highest amount of power he can, Blackheart craves to be the all-knowing, all-powerful God of existence and will stop at nothing to achieve his desires, which often is his downfall.

PHYSICAL: When confined to a mortal form, description of a demon is a contrast beyond a simple binary. Of average height and weight, Blackheart looks from a standing distance nothing more than a passerby throughout life. A closer look reviles so much more in appearance, reviles a certain-something that is off about proclaimed assumptions. Pale white with little faults in his features, Blackheart lacks any reverence of tanned pigment within his skin tone. Darker colored, small veins span from his hairline only a short distance to be noticeable from close observation. Hair as dark as night, it is short and contained with eyebrows of equal color and normally furrowed in thought or arched in that irritating egotistical manner some people have. His eyes are a piercing gray and his face is strongly shaped though with the color of his skin has a thinner quality to it than in reality.

Overall he is of a strong stature, his shoulders decently broad, his neck slim and the rest of him evenly proportioned and there is not hint of him being overly powerful and oppressive. His strengths lie upon his face, in his vocal cords and mind, any physically strength tucked neatly within a fairly reasonable exterior.

But that’s what you get for looking human.